Lake Creek Lodge

Lake Creek Lodge is situated directly at the delta of Lake Creek which flows into the Yentna River, because of this location the Lodge offers a beautiful view of the two most important rivers in the area.

The Cabins offer accommodations for 2, 3 or 4 people. There are three full meals daily from our kitchen and snacks available throughout the day. The lodge offers the only full liquor bar in the area which is open day and night ... a great place to celebrate your freshly caught Salmon.

Alaska is on e of the most spacious geographical regions on earth and a magnificent experience. Despite Alaska's diversity and rich natural resources including huge timber forests, important oil deposits and waters abounding with fish, Alaska was basically unknown territory, hence the last frontier.

Alaska reveals the world to us like it must have appeared on the first day after creation. Everything in Alaska is oversized and nothing in relation to human measurement. The state stretches 2300 miles from south to north and 3800 miles from east to west over 21 degrees of latitude and 43 degrees of longitude. If one would like to survey this land at a rate of one square mile per day, you would require nearly 4200 years to complete this task.

Life north of the polar circle is a study of contrasts. While the temperature in the winter can drop to minus 60 degrees Celsius, in the summer it can climb to plus 35 degrees. At the polar sea coast between middle of May until August the sun will never set, however, between November to January the sun will not rise.

For sports anglers around the world Alaska enjoys the reputation as the paradise on earth. This is the place where fish can weigh even more than the angler. Its no coincidence that fisherman from each corner of the world are inspired by every river and delta that Alaska provides. Most Alaskans own boats in order to fish on the rivers and deltas.

The two Lodges are equipped with a complete fleet of boats. Every guest has the choice to fish at will or to have one of our experienced guides accompany them. Any guest who likes to try their own luck, can take a boat and search for their trophy fish in the most productive fishing grounds the Yentna River and its tributaries have to offer. However, if anglers want to try back trolling or bank fishing, then one of our experienced guides is necessary. The best area for fishing is upriver at the banks of the Lake Creek. You will only get there with the help of the jet-propelled boats and Guides. Our experienced guides will show our guests the most productive areas and instruct the experienced or untrained anglers alike. The guides possess all the tricks necessary to fish for salmon and they also take pleasure in sharing their many years of experience with the guests so that the anglers have the most chances to land a tremendous.

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